At the invitation of the Bergisch Land Mechanical Engineering Network, entrepreneurs from the Bergisch region met with APTIV Services Deutschland GmbH yesterday to discuss cooperation opportunities.

As part of the bergisch.smart_mobility project funded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Economics, APTIV Services Deutschland GmbH is currently developing an innovative liquid cooling system for future central electronic control units for vehicles. The heart of this liquid cooling system is a new type of cold plate, for which the concept and a CAD drawing have been developed so far. Now the aim is to find out to what extent the Bergisch companies can contribute to the production of a functional prototype.

Frank Adam, technical manager of the bergisch.smart_mobility sub-project “Thermal Solutions”, presented the concept and the individual components of the prototype for this purpose and then discussed with the participants their impulses on possibilities for manufacturing the components. What makes the project particularly challenging: It is a major concern of the project to use the most innovative manufacturing processes possible.



Mechanical Engineering Network Bergisch Land

The mechanical engineering sector is a central branch of industry in the Bergisches Land region and acts both in global competition as a high-quality supplier and in the regional context as an attractive employer. With a network for the mechanical engineering sector, we would like to further develop these strengths. The network is building a structure that offers concrete added value for the mechanical engineering-related companies in the region. As part of the network, you not only receive impulses, but can also actively initiate projects and enable the positioning of the industry at home and abroad.

Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH

Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH is a legally independent subsidiary of the tech group Aptiv, which develops sustainable technologies for the mobility of tomorrow. With its system competence for automotive electrics, automotive electronics, which includes both hardware and software, concentrated at the NRW locations, technologies are developed for German and European automotive customers that increase road safety, make mobility more sustainable and better connect road users, their automobiles and systems with each other and with the infrastructure.