Subproject 4:

Mobility is a task for society as a whole and must therefore also be developed, tested and optimised with and in society.

The opportunities and challenges artificial intelligence offers for and poses to the mobility of tomorrow in the Bergische Region apply also to civil society, small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors, politics and administration. So far, however, there is a lack of platforms to work collaboratively on these demanding issues in close cooperation between science, pioneering companies and local authorities. With the project proposed here, things will change.

For the first time, a living lab will be established in which citizens, representatives and employees from SMEs, political decision-makers and administrative staff will work side by side with nerds and techies from science and practice to look at the two major topics of “artificial intelligence” and “mobility” in an integrated way. A large number of research and participation formats will be used throughout the project to address the dimensions essential to the transformation process: Solution search, strategy and planning, implementation and evaluation.

Subproject manager:

Gesa Horn, Bergische Universität Wuppertal