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Algorithms and data transfer in the bergisch.smart_mobility project

Algorithms - most people have heard this term before. The term comes from information technology and is therefore also frequently used in the bergisch.smart_mobility project, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which plays a decisive role in the [...]

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From concept to prototype to small series: New cooperation partners for bergisch.smart_mobility

At the invitation of the Bergisch Land Mechanical Engineering Network, entrepreneurs from the Bergisch region met with APTIV Services Deutschland GmbH yesterday to discuss cooperation opportunities. As part of the bergisch.smart_mobility project funded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Economics, [...]

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The traffic sign register of tomorrow

Wuppertal's traffic sign register has embarked on the road to the future: driving through the city area with laser scanners and cameras has gathered a multitude of street information and thus visualised panoramic street images. The result is a digital [...]

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A data marketplace for the Bergisch city triangle

Digital maps for the traffic control of tomorrow A data marketplace for the Bergisch city triangle to build up-to-date, digital maps that can be used for example in the field of AI-based traffic control - this is the project [...]

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E-mobility – many challenges, but feasible if we work together!

Successful expert hearing of our cluster initiative – electric mobility is a realistic option to fight climate change! Let’s do it! The successful introduction of electric mobility depends on more than just vehicle technology. A central building block is [...]

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